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Home Staging

Setting up and enhancing to sell your flat faster

Despite the curent situation of crisis, with a highly competitive real estate market, selling a house in a short time is still possible. By means of a technique adopted in the USA since the 80s which is becoming popular, we can sell faster at a better price. This technique is called HOME STAGING and aims at preparing the property before placing it on the market.

Our services

Onsite or online preliminiary consultancy

Visit to the property, report on the current state, photographic documentation, layout of a proposal for improvement and estimate of expenditure

Supervision and setting up of work

We deal personally with the supervision and carrying out of work in preparation for the sale of the property

Supply of skilled labour force

On request clients can count on specialised staff working with us

Photo shoot on completion of intervention

Carrying out of the shooting on completion of the intervention for the publishing of adverts aimed at selling the real estate

The benefits of Home Staging

The emotional factor influences the sale of a property

The first impression is the one that matters

Sales always take place through factors of emotional nature, subsequently giustified with reason. Some American studies maintain that a potential buyer decides to carry out his purchase in the first 90 seconds of his visit.

Draw attention

Details like tidyiness and cleanliness, lights and colour in the right place, small maintenance interventions, can make a difference in order to stand out in a real estate market boasting a rich offer.

Maximum bang for your buck

Why waste time and money on a property you are about to sell or rent? Home Staging is a real investiment allowing to increase the initial value of a property, reducing selling times and therefore depreciation visibly.

Days on the market


Discount in the dealing stage


These services are offered in collaboration with Fenice interiors